GameEon Presents Indian Football League - Mobile Football Game

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GameEon Presents Indian Football League - Mobile Football Game

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    PlayStore: most unique football game is available for you to experience


    PlayStore: most unique football game is available for you to experience in Indian style exclusively on PlayStore.nPrepare yourself to play the tournament and practice your moves in this immersive football simulation experience and show that you are the best on pitch by coming on top of the leaderboard.

    You can choose from 8 different leagues namely:n- Mumbain- Chennain- Delhin- Goan- Keralan- Punen- United Indian- KolkatannChoose your level of difficulty as we offer Easy, Medium and Hard mode for amateurs, rookies and seasoned gamers alike.

    Take on your other opponents by scoring goals and beating them in matches of tournaments.nnAlso choose your gameplay time from customisable 2, 3 or 4 minutes.

    Check out exciting free offers in shop section of the game which enable you to experience the premium version of the game for free.nnRealistic football physics simulation offers great experience to play and crisp controls.

    Play and get live scores of your match against your opponents and enjoy the true soccer experience.

    Earn virtual coins and buy a gold soccer ball for a million coins in game.nnWatch video replays of your matches and share them on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

    See your performance in your last match and watch how you can improve your playing strategy in game.nnTackle your opponents and play smart.

    The pitch is yours, and your favorite sport is about to get even more exciting with adrenaline rush as you score goals with your squad and cooperate with them.nnIntelligent AI keeps the fun factor of the game high as you feel the passion of this sport gushing through your veins thereby increasing the dopamine levels in your brain which will get you addicted to this game in no time.

    Best Indian sports game of 2k15.

    Soccer game like this to end your year 15 is simply the best way to spend time.

    So what are you waiting for? Download Indian Football League 15 right away!n_____________________________________________nnVisit our official site at www.gameeon.innFollow us on Twitter at us on Facebook at out our other videos:

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