Global Report 11 August, 2009

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    Swine Flu death toll rises to 8 in IndianFinally, Swine flu has begun to spread throughout the country.

    Fresh cases of virus are getting reported from various c


    Swine Flu death toll rises to 8 in IndianFinally, Swine flu has begun to spread throughout the country.

    Fresh cases of virus are getting reported from various cities, with 8 deaths so far and more than 800 positive cases being treated in various hospitals.

    All this has once again confirmed the lackadaisical attitude of the authorities.

    Now when the virus has begun to spread and is expected to stay with the onset of winter they are hurriedly trying to arrange the things.

    It took three months ever since the entire episode began for the government to install thermal scanners at international airports, rope in senior health officials and those at the bottom to assist in case of need, allow private labs to conduct swine flu tests and treat patients.

    To top it all they overlooked the need to maintain sufficient stocks of anti flu virus tablets- Tamiflu and Relenza at all major cities throughout the country.

    In India, one cannot afford to rely on the authorities even when one is dying.

    Prevention is the only cure in Hindustan.nThe recent death of an Iraqi woman due to swine flu have spread fears in Iraq regarding the outbreak of the virus among big gatherings of pilgrimages and worshippers.

    The flu was confirmed among 51 American soldiers, while 71 others remain in isolation after being suspected of having the flu due to their contact with their diagnosed fellows.

    An email to the associated press, Eisenhauer wrote that all forces entering Iraq are actually screened to make sure that they dont have the virus, in order to limit infections.

    The last thing Iraqis need at the nmoment are Americans giving them swine flu, as they have caused them more than enough deaths, which were not swine flu related..nGuadalahara summit focuses on global recession and drug cartel violence nThe leaders of the United States, Canada and Mexico have concluded their brief summit by pledging more cooperation to fight the swine influenza A-H1N1 virus and illegal drug cartels as well as to strengthen the North American economy.

    President Obama, Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper have left Guadalajara with a promise to work together to prepare for the next outbreak, expected later this year.

    The three leaders also concentrated on boosting the regional economy, which has suffered in the global recession.


    Obama promised aggressive and coordinated action to restore economic growth.

    The president and the Canadian prime minister reaffirmed their support for Mexican President Calderon's war against illegal drug cartels.

    nKenya nKenya will have its first foreign policy document since Independence this week.

    The document titled draft sessional paper on Kenya's foreign policy framework puts the fight against terrorism, promotion of trade across the globe, environmental conservation and sports as priority links with the world.

    The government says a problem such as climate change has posed a threat to prosperity, health and security in Kenya thereby elevating environmental diplomacy into one of the foremost foreign policy priorities.

    The document identifies pillars of Kenyan foreign policy as economic diplomacy, peace diplomacy, environmental diplomacy, cultural and diaspora diplomacy.

    The most remarkable cultural diplomacy since independence has been the impact of Kenya athletes at the global sporting arena and the influence of the local music including the accompanying traditional flavours and dance styles.nlawyers in the Lahore High Court is something that no journalist could have expected.

    It was an incident of open vandalism by a group of lawyers who not only stand against the sacredness of their profession but also went against the reason and logic that are the foundation of judiciary.

    When a suo moto notice was issued by the Lahore High Court against the harassment of media men the lawyers guilty of the offence created a fuss within the Lahore High Court and raised slogans against the Chief Judicial Officer of the High Court.

    This kind of irrational behavior on behalf of the uneducated community of the lawyers is utterly condemnable.

    Pakistani community hopes that lawyers responsible for the harassing the journalists and violating the laws of the country within the bounds of the Lahore High Court will be brought to justice so as to discourage vandalism in future.

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