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    MKULTRA Obama is an attempt to inform the public about how servants to the Queen of England used MKULTRA code and trigger gestures to activate a new program in


    MKULTRA Obama is an attempt to inform the public about how servants to the Queen of England used MKULTRA code and trigger gestures to activate a new program in Obama.

    nnIn order for the Code Man and the Trigger Man to verify that that the new programming instructions have been received, the subject is programmed to respond with a specific coded response.

    The date 24 May 2008 was even written in a manner not normal to any American I know and since he was somehow activated, my main concern is "what now"? nnTake a look at the video, decide for yourselves.

    I'm just throwing this into the mix because its really there and if you or anyone looks, I am certain most will agree.nnThanks to my subscribers and be sure to pass the link around.

    It serves as evidence of what I see when I look at the slight of hand gestures and how Obama is fixated on those gestures.

    His short confusion is clear and Michelle looks stunned.

    That photo says it all to me after you watch the video some 50 times and slow motion it and pause, those two hand gestures are different from all the other hand gestures because of how Obama fixates.

    Hypnotism, mind control right before our eyes.

    My next direction after this video is to ponder the question of why would an antichrist or demon need to be MKULTRA level programmed in some ritualistic manner before the world if not some display at the highest levels of what is going down around the world.

    Time will tell, but finding out why a demon or servant of Satan needs to be programmed forces me to consider other options and I will have to study those options more closely in view of this recent MKULTRA activation in broad daylight because I cant see demons or servants of Satan being manipulated in such a way for it implies demons and servants of Satan must be forced to do what they do or that perhaps what Obama was getting was like the codes and plans for the war which he will courier back to certain unseen individuals that will take his information and deadlines and instructions and begin implementing the next phase of what the NWO is going to do while we watch them do it.nnWatch the video and see it in a clinical fashion to see the great performance given right before our eyes and the world good starter informative mind control hypnosis USE NOTICE: These Videos may contain copyrighted (© ) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.

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