India Vlog: Jaisalmer to New Delhi!

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    ** Please expand the description box for itinerary & music details**nnFebruary 22-24, time in India had to come to an


    ** Please expand the description box for itinerary & music details**nnFebruary 22-24, time in India had to come to an end eventually, so this video documents our last three days there.

    We initially planned to spend three nights in Jaisalmer then fly from Jaisalmer back to New Delhi, but we scoured the internet and are pretty sure that no airlines currently fly from Jaisalmer to Delhi.

    Instead we took a taxi from Prince Desert Safari Camp to Jaisalmer (about 45 minutes) where we transferred to a bus bound for Jodhpur.

    We spent the night in Jodhpur then flew Air India the next day (Feb.

    23rd) from Jodhpur to New Delhi.

    We flew out of New Delhi back to Shanghai the morning of Feb.

    24th.nnWe had hoped to hire a car and driver from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur, just like we did for the trip in the opposite direction a couple days prior.

    But the one-way ride from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur was very expensive.

    (Definitely book roundtrip from your starting destination if you can.

    The cost of one-way cars and drivers seems to depend on whether other tourists have also booked a one-way trip in the opposite direction so that the cost of both rides is covered.) Because we didn't have a time crunch, we took the bus for 300 rupees per person.

    The ride was long - about 5.5 hours - because it was hop-on, hop-off with the bus stopping frequently to take on and offload passengers.nnIn Jodhpur we stayed outside of the historic Blue City at Apex Hotel, which is just 6 km from the airport.

    This part of Jodhpur is completely unlike the old Blue City.

    The streets are wider, there are more plants and trees; we enjoyed staying the night in this area.

    We booked Apex on one of two sites we found very useful for booking train tickets and hotels in India, both of which we recommend:nwww.cleartrip.comnwww.makemytrip.comnnIn the afternoon we checked out Big Bazaar, which is a combined grocery and clothing store.

    For dinner we stumbled on a Pizza Hut and pigged out on Indian-style pizza and masala lemonade!nnGiven our early afternoon arrival in New Delhi, we didn't have much time to tour around the city on our last full day in India (Feb.


    We also learned that most of the tourist sites in Delhi are closed on Mondays! We had just enough time to visit one of the only tourist sites that was open, Qutb Minar, which was beautiful! Afterwards we went to The Four Fountains Spa for a detoxifying body scrub and wrap.

    We felt a little raw after the scrub, but we also felt refreshed! For dinner we got takeout from the Nando's in Connaught Place.

    It really hit the spot!nnThat night we stayed at the Welcom Hotel in Dwarka.

    We mistakenly thought the hotel was near the airport, but it's actually in the suburb of Dwarka, which is in northeastern Delhi.

    From Dwarka to south Delhi where most of the tourist sites are located, it's a good one-hour drive.

    If we were to do it over again, we would stay in an airport hotel or in the Connaught Place area.

    It helped that we rented a car from the hotel for an eight-hour period, which allowed us to move easily and comfortably around the city.nnThere's still so much of India to see and experience! This second trip to India was as wonderful as our first (to Kolkata in October 2014).

    We hope we'll have the chance to return sooner rather than later! We'd love to visit Varanasi, Mumbai, and Goa.nnAs always, thank you for watching!!nnHappy travels!! :)nnMUSIC:nThe Bluest Star by The 126ers (YouTube Audio Library)nnSeeger by John Deley and the 41 Players (YouTube Audio Library)

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